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The earliest family history we know of is that of John Sherman. John owned property in Upper Freehold that adjoined with Modica Lincolnís (Abraham Lincolnís grandfather). Johnís son, Samuel L. Sherman, born in 1815 lived off of Ramshorn Drive. Among his endeavors was the task of turning porch posts on a foot-powered lathe and making articles of furniture. Samuel and his wife, Ann, later lived on Marcellus Avenue and had eleven children, one of their children, John Britton Sherman, was a carpenter who served with company ďAĒ, 38th regiment infantry, in the civil war.

John lived with his wife, Jane, on South Street in Manasquan. They had four children; Burt, Wilfred, Nelson, and Jenny. Jane was a sister to William P. Taylor. When he was younger, William P. Taylor, drove a stage from Squan Village to Red Bank where the passengers would continue on to New York by boat. As a young man he had an interest in woodworking and would often deliver his goods on the stage run. His affinity for woodworking led to the opening of William P. Taylorís Saw Mill in 1878.

Sadly, Jane Sherman passed away in 1897. Her son, Wilfred Sherman, was twelve years old. Wilfred went to live with his uncle, William P. Taylor. His brothers and sisters were sent to live with different families. This unfortunate chain of events led to Wilfred Shermanís apprenticeship in the woodworking industry. He worked with his uncle from the age of twelve until Mr. Taylorís death in 1929.
During Mr. Taylorís ownership of the mill, he had witnessed the complete destruction of the building by fire in 1911 and additional fire damage in 1929. Upon his death in 1929, the mill was purchased by his nephew and apprentice, Wilfred Sherman. Wilfred remodeled the building between 1930 and 1934.

In 1935 his son, Lee Sherman, joined the business and the name was changed to W.F. Sherman & Son.

In 1951, Leeís son, Donald Sherman became partners with his father and they continued as W.F. Sherman & Son until they incorporated in 1970.

It is currently known as W.F. Sherman & Son, Inc. Nowadays, Donald Sherman has retired and his sons Donald Jr and Alan have continued to run the business.

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W.F. Sherman & Son, Inc.
84 Broad Street Manasquan, NJ 08736
Phone: 732-223-1505 Fax: 732-223-1508